Photographic portrait of Brooke Illahuston
I believe we can change the world by creating high-trust, inclusive workplaces where people can perform at their very best.

Brooke Illahuston

EY Americas Leadership, Culture, DE&I Solutions Leader

Passionate about creating high-performing teams, leaders, workplace cultures. Avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Soccer mom.

Brooke is the EY Americas Leadership, Culture and DE&I Solutions Leader in People Advisory Services. She has spent her career focused on helping organizations strengthen their workplace cultures both as a consultant and business leader. 

Prior to joining EY, Brooke was the President of PeopleFirm, an organization focused on helping companies achieve high performance through their people. Brooke previously served as the VP of Consulting and Chief Operating Officer of a global organization that recognizes the best places to work and supports culture transformation for organizations, with a special emphasis on ensuring equity for all. 

She earned her BA from Occidental College and MBA from University of San Francisco.

How Brooke is building a better working world

“I help organizations keep humans at the center of transformation. I build a better working world by helping transform leaders, workplace cultures, and organizations to be more equitable, inclusive and high-performing. As a leader, I bring a growth mindset always focused on open communication, inclusiveness, collaboration and building trust with my team and clients.”

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