Photographic portrait of Catherine Friday
The work we are privileged to support is life-changing; it underpins equity, access and opportunity for everyone, and it is work that, when done well, delivers the society we want to be part of.

Catherine Friday

EY Global Education Leader; EY Oceania Managing Partner, Government and Health Sciences

Improving how governments work and deliver services. Mustang owner. Keen horse rider. Average but enthusiastic skier.

Catherine has spent much of her career providing services to state and federal departments and regulators, ministerial councils, not-for-profits and NGOs in every state and territory in Australia, and in New Zealand. The implications of the work she does are far-reaching, delivering the best outcomes for citizens across education, health, human services, defense, transport and infrastructure, and central agencies.

In particular, Catherine has spent much of her time serving public institutions that design and deliver education. As EY Global Education Leader, she is responsible for bringing together teams from around the world to support engagements in the departments and ministries of education and higher education, vocational and K-12 providers.

Catherine has post-graduate qualifications from Monash University, Harvard University, Standard University and the Cranlana Programme. She is a Trustee and Audit Committee Chair of the Melbourne Olympic Parks Trust, which governs the largest sports and entertainment precinct in the Oceania region.

How Catherine is building a better working world

“As an EY Oceania and EY Global leader, I am passionate about the fundamental importance of access to quality education that enriches the lives of every citizen and builds sustainable societies. We are at a pivotal moment in history to realize the ambition. The approach to education has remained largely unchanged for centuries but the digital age provides a fantastic opportunity to rethink how education is delivered for the betterment of every person around the world.

We bring the best of EY together with a shared commitment and purpose to meet this common goal.”

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