Photographic portrait of Paul Bogenrieder
The road to decarbonized energy is likely to be a long one. The current energy mix is well-liked by consumers and is enormously profitable.

Dr. Paul Bogenrieder

EY US Energy Analyst

Results-oriented economist. An expert in all segments of the energy value chain. A leader in utilities, merchant power companies and OFS companies.

Dr. Bogenrieder is responsible for leading the Oil & Gas analyst team in EY’s Knowledge Group. He informs, coordinates and articulates the firm’s point of view on the oil and gas industry including industry profitability and capital spending, the value proposition for various industry initiatives (including digital solutions) and the future of the energy mix.

He led strategic planning and market intelligence efforts for the Global Business Development team at a leading North American oilfield service provider during the fastest growth and most rapid contraction in industry history.

Dr. Bogenrieder also has had executive responsibility for risk management for a company entering merchant energy markets (power, natural gas) during a period of depressed electricity prices and extreme financial distress. He successfully built trading processes and systems infrastructure.

He holds a PhD from Florida State University.

How Paul is building a better working world

“To me, a better working world is one in which consumers, industry and the government coexist to use the world’s resources to improve the lives of everyone.

Throughout my career, I’ve used data and state-of-the-art analytics to put people, capital and natural resources to their best use.

The defining economic challenge of our time is energy transition. Evidence of climate change accumulates and something will change.  Helping our clients understand the tradeoffs, scenarios and possible ways to invest in the energy future is my current passion. EY’s Fuelling the Future project is our way of sharing that passion.”

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