Doing business in Japan

An overview of the key issues from a Tax, Legal, Bookkeeping, and practical perspective

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and continues to be a stable economic and political environment for businesses.
In recent years, the country has made efforts to attract more international groups, investment funds, and foreign talent.
With some reassessment of global supply chains and moving towards more regionalization, Japan is increasingly viewed as an attractive location to operate from and invest in.
We consider that this brochure will provide a valuable overview of the relevant issues, rules and procedures for companies planning on “Doing business in Japan”.
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Doing business in Japan


・Potential forms of entity
・Japanese tax issues
・Legal matters related to establishing a new entity
・Bookkeeping requirements and practical issues
・Individual taxes (including inheritance tax)
(Total 32 pages)


Ernst & Young Tax Co.
Karl Gruendel