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Ernst & Young Business Partner Co., Ltd. (EYBP), in association with Ernst & Young Tax Co. is a one-stop accounting outsourcing services provider for companies who wish to do business in Japan. Our people can converse in English, the global language of business.

In association with Ernst & Young group companies, we can provide accounting, payroll & statutory benefits processing, payment assistance, and tax services all from a single location in Tokyo.

Our People

We understand your business needs because our people are fully qualified to combine work and study to obtain professional qualifications. We offer numerous in-house courses so that our people stay current with the latest developments in US GAAP, IFRS, tax and labor laws. Our people can converse in English, the global language of business, and have access to training to maintain or improve their English language skills. That’s why most of our professionals have TOEIC® scores in the 900s (the top 4 percentile of test-takers). As over 90% of our group are permanent employees, and we have low staff turnover, we can offer a consistent quality service from experienced professionals.

Our Approach to Client Service

We create teams to offer you client service at its best. Each engagement is supported by at least three professionals: an engagement partner, an engagement manager, and a team member in charge of providing you with answers to your questions. We have an internal review of all reports before they are issued to ensure accuracy and consistency and meet EY quality control standards. In the unlikely event that your usual contact is unavailable, a team member will be able to provide support when you need it. Our firm is based in Tokyo.


We are constantly seeking ways of using technology to make our operations more efficient and transparent. To respond to our clients’ business needs, we have developed three proprietary cloud-based systems for accounting, employee information management and expense reporting. Our accounting system has been online since 2005. It interfaces with several ERP systems such as NetSuite, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics NAV, which enables data transfer for individual journal entries. There is no need to procure your own Japanese accounting software. We understand your need for cybersecurity, so all of our systems employ SHA-256 with RSA encryption technology in both English and Japanese.

Outsource your accounting, payroll and payments

We have certified professionals capable of managing your accounts reporting and preparing statutory financial statements for tax returns as well as U.S. GAAP and IFRS. Payroll information is exchanged in the cloud, giving you 24/7 on-demand access to your data. We can process certain statutory benefits for you through EY Social Insurance and Labor Advisors Co., and we can also assist in processing payments via online banking for operations and payroll.

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Our Tax and Other Compliance services

We can help you to understand the complex Japanese tax system. Ernst & Young Tax Co. can advise you on changes that may affect your business, assist you with tax compliance, and represent you in the event of a tax audit. We also have the resources to support your business in areas such as transfer pricing, company secretary requirements and wider legal questions. 

These are just some of the services that our multidisciplinary team of professionals can provide in Japan to support and expand your business. Why not tell us more about your plans so that we can tailor a solution to your company’s precise needs? Make Ernst & Young Business Partner your gateway to Japan.

Why EY

We can provide quality services in English. There are abundantly qualified accounting professionals (CPA-USA). Use of a bilingual web-based accounting application. One-stop services in association with Ernst & Young Tax Co. and EY Social Insurance and Labor Advisors Corporation.

Doing business in Japan

An overview of the key issues from a Tax, Legal, Bookkeeping, and practical perspective

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Ernst & Young Business Partner Co., Ltd.

We strive to provide our clients with the timely, quality services they need to overcome the ever-changing need for adaptation in rapidly changing business environments.

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