Glenn Perachio
Humans are leaving digital footprints across their personal and business data landscapes. What story would your data tell if it could speak? What would it say about risk or opportunity?

Glenn Perachio

EY UK&I and Global Assurance Trader Surveillance Solution Leader; EY UK Forensic Technology Leader

Experienced legal and regulatory industries leader working in digital technology and data analytics.

Glenn is our Financial Crime Market Abuse, Trader Surveillance Solution and UK Forensic Technology Leader. He has assisted clients in forensic data analytics, monitoring and supervision, eDiscovery, IT forensics, information governance and legal information technology.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, he has worked with clients on some of the largest litigation and regulatory matters in the tobacco, oil and gas, and financial services sectors. He has helped clients navigate data and risk challenges during investigations and remediation, helping detect strategies and services for e-communications and trade data monitoring and employing tools such as robotics and artificial intelligence. For European banks, he has advised and tested data analytics methodologies to identify issues and improve screening accuracy and alert management for anti-money laundering (AML) remediation.

Glenn holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Carleton College.

How Glenn is building a better working world

“Financial crime is exacting a devastating financial and ethical toll on the world economy. In this digital age, I have an opportunity to use data to understand where crime is happening and how it is working and always adapting. With every experience and engagement, we are learning and helping to rebuild trust, transparency and fairness into our modern working world.”

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