Photographic portrait of Mark Reich
Today, to achieve your full potential, you need to be able to find competitive advantage in code, data and design.

Mark Reich

EY Global Strategy and Transactions Chief Data Officer

Technology, data, value creation expert in M&A. Connecting investors, corporates and disruptors. DJ and ice hockey player.

Mark is a Strategy and Operations Partner for Strategy and Transactions. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he serves a dual role as the EY Western Europe Mahgreb (WEM) Chief Innovation Officer and EY Global Data Officer.

Mark has led significant work in value creation for Private Equity and corporate clients. As an experienced technologist, he has led over 100 due diligence projects, mainly in technology, media and telecommunications industries. His knowledge, combined with his transaction and digital strategy know-how, helps investors, corporates and disruptors identify both the opportunities and risks that come with navigating the world of digital disruption.

Prior to EY, Mark has built an extensive international career with other global management consulting firms, including one which he cofounded.

Mark holds dual MSc in International Business from Maastricht University, and M&A and Valuations from Groningen University.

How Mark is building a better working world

“I help businesses achieve their full potential by demystifying complex digital challenges, and designing technology and data-led solutions for their strategic issues.”

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