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Amongst growing disruption, increased complexity and heightened employee expectations, new approaches to change management can drive improved transformation outcomes.

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Intensifying competition, employee expectations, digital disruption and other forces are stretching today’s organizations thin. Transformation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Amid these complexities, transformation programs have struggled. But sustainable change is within reach — and achieving it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. 

EY Change Experience is a new, more personalized and immersive approach to change management underpinned by a powerful insights tool, EY Change Insights. 

Informed by client experience and research with Harvard Business School the Change Experience approach addresses 4 common factors that have the greatest influence on successful outcomes to transform the way the workforce experiences change and to empower them to achieve the extraordinary.

A steady focus on the employee’s ‘experience’ of change creates a powerful impact at every stage of the change journey, which drives better transformation outcomes.  By combining our people-first stance with digital components, we provide insights that can help organizations adapt to — and even benefit from — the constant challenges of continuous change.

EY Transformative Index

Assess your transformation readiness with our benchmarking tool. Identify new growth opportunities by examining three key areas of your business: leadership, culture and innovation.

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