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The disrupted workplace presents a new opportunity for the HR function: to become a strategic partner to the CEO in influencing and executing business strategy. Are you ready for the challenge?

What EY can do for you

People and HR strategy

In an era of globalization, demographic shifts and rapid advances in technology, the HR function has the opportunity to go beyond its operational role to transform itself into an enabler of business outcomes — delivered through people- and talent-based programs.

We can help you look beyond the traditional HR operational function to consider total workforce strategy. Drawing on our alliances with SAP, IBM and Microsoft, we can help you deliver business-led transformation, adjusted in real time, encompassing people, processes and technology.

Organization assessment, design and governance

An organizational redesign presents both tremendous opportunities and significant risks.

In the age of automation, chatbots and cognitive computing, the role of the human workforce is changing, as workers are supplemented, and sometimes replaced, by software.

We can help you to assess your current organization, map out and implement a future-proof organizational design, integrate the workforce into the new model, and monitor and address arising issues in real time.

Policy and process

Policies and guidelines can help businesses maintain compliance and can be used to speed up the decision-making process. They are particularly important when businesses are going through large strategic changes.

We can help you proactively prepare for change by simplifying and systematizing policies and processes, validating that they remain aligned to your business strategy, and helping you to put them into practice.

Service delivery model, shared service and outsourcing

Cost reduction is no longer the main reason why companies use outsourcing. It is now more often used to improve efficiency, regain focus, centralize core business functions and repurpose existing resources to more value-adding tasks.

An alternative to outsourcing to third parties is establishing a shared services center. While providing all of the same benefits as traditional outsourcing, it also creates a standardized platform for sharing internal knowledge and leading practices, which can help increase business flexibility and agility.

Enabling technology, data, automation and analytics

Automation and new technologies such as AI are redefining not only the way we work but also the work we do. New ways of producing, organizing and interfacing with the business impact the shape, mix, requirements and expectations of the workforce.

We can help you develop the workforce strategy your organization needs to secure the right mix of human talent and non-human capabilities.

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