Consumer Products

Consumers are evolving faster than ever – what they buy, how they buy it, and who they buy it from are all in play.

Around the world, people are fundamentally rethinking what they value and how they use their time and money.

By giving consumers what they increasingly want and expect – from affordable products to more sustainable lifestyles – it’s an opportunity for consumer products companies to create a new relationship with them.

But it’s hard to get clarity around where consumers are heading or where growth will be from. And tough to know where to invest or exit, which alliances or ecosystems to pursue, or how to evolve operating models. We’ll work with you to create a new relationship with the new consumer by designing and implementing real-world strategies and actionable plans, making measurable differences at every step of your transformation journey.

EY Future Consumer Index

COVID-19 has transformed the lives of consumers. What do they value? What will it take to serve them? How will your business adapt?

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Sustainability insights in Consumer industries

Consumer-facing companies have an unprecedented opportunity to shape a sustainable future. How can they seize it?

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