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Featured The CEO Imperative: How can you put regeneration at the heart of creating value? 16 Dec 2022
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    CEO agenda

    The CEO Imperative: How will CEOs respond to a new recession reality?

    CEO Outlook Pulse – January 2023 finds that CEOs are split on the impact of the global economic slowdown.

    11 Jan 2023 Andrea Guerzoni

    Technology leader's agenda

    The CIO Imperative: How does technology underpin ecosystem transformation?

    Ecosystems play a critical role in accelerating transformation and maximizing value; CIOs must shape the tech strategy to drive success.

    2 Dec 2022 Greg Sarafin


    The Board Imperative: Further unlock the strategic value of CHROs

    Boards and Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) should support and challenge each other to get the most out of a shifting talent dynamic.

    15 Dec 2022 Sharon Sutherland


    How to shift strategy for a new geostrategic era in 2023

    Policy volatility will elevate the importance of geopolitics to corporate strategies to its highest level in a generation.

    13 Dec 2022 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey


    How manufacturers can adapt for success amid rising geopolitical uncertainty

    To thrive in an increasingly volatile world, manufacturing leaders must make strategic moves that enhance agility and resilience.

    17 Jan 2023 Claudio Knizek

    How can you illuminate the power of belonging?

    The Asia-Pacific Belonging Barometer 2022 highlights a growing talent gap between employees’ needs and organizations’ cultures.

    7 Dec 2022 EY Global

    EY Sustainable Finance Index 2022: How to put ESG back on track

    Financial services reaffirm their commitment to sustainability by focusing on social parameters; addressing governance gaps will be crucial.

    1 Dec 2022 Gill Lofts


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