Rob Tannen
Effective user experience design empowers people with clear, accessible and actionable information to make informed decisions in their work and personal lives.

Dr. Rob Tannen

User Experience Psychologist, EY Design Studio

Human-centered researcher. Design essayist. Patent aficionado. FIFA gamer.

An accomplished design thinker and practitioner, Rob represents EY Design Studio’s delivery team of researchers, designers and developers who create innovative user experience solutions.

Prior to joining EY, Rob led human factors and interaction design teams at award-winning industrial and digital design firms. With deep knowledge in the financial services and healthcare sectors, he has experience across a variety of industries, including aviation, consumer products and medical devices.

Rob has become credentialed as an emergency medical technician, certified professional ergonomist and an expert design witness. He earned a certificate in intellectual property law from the Stanford Law School and is the co-inventor of a dozen user interface utility and design patents.

Rob earned an MA and a PhD in Experimental Psychology & Human Factors from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College. He continues to contribute to academic and industry publications and conferences.

How Rob is building a better working world

”My focus on usability has paralleled the growth of the user interface as the focal point of the working world. I advocate for user needs with evidence-based methodologies and data. The outputs help organizations produce more efficient and satisfying digital experiences for both their internal and external users, and prioritize future requirements for product planning.” 

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