EY–Blue Yonder Alliance

EY and Blue Yonder design and deliver global supply chain transformational projects and create long-term value for their customers.

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Re-imagine your supply-chain

As supply chain leaders leading your enterprises, what do you need today to enable a successful tomorrow? You need an intelligent supply chain platform that provides you insights and the full power of your data to make decisions across your supply chain. In a rapidly changing business environment, it is key to combine resilience to disruption with a new level of customer focus.

EY and Blue Yonder are working together as partners to power the digital transformation of your customer focused and resilient supply chains. Together, we implement Blue Yonder’s solutions powered by the Luminate Platform.

Implementing Blue Yonder’s solutions enables your enterprises to fulfill your potential. From planning to delivering, Blue Yonder’s solutions help to synchronize forecasting and planning to warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment.

Implementing Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform-based solutions helps to digitally transform your supply chains, enabling end-to-end synchronization, making it resilient and customer centric – all key requirements of today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

Our partnership with EY continues to grow and delivers success with our mutual clients. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership and delivering value to our mutual clients.
Wayne Usie
Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Yonder

The EY-Blue Yonder Alliance extends during and beyond the implementation lifecycle

Together, we provide digital supply chain solutions to global enterprise clients, helping to optimize their operations and providing support as they transition to digital operations.

Blue Yonder’s solutions, paired with EY’s capabilities including analytics, digital innovation, our proven delivery framework helps organizations achieve the supply chain transformation they seek.

“Our partnership with EY continues to grow and delivers success with our mutual clients.  Our team appreciates the industry knowledge that EY brings in Supply Chain Planning and Execution, their ability to successfully manage large transformations, and their vision for the next generation supply chain capabilities. We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership and delivering value to our mutual clients.” says Wayne Usie, Chief Strategy Officer, Blue Yonder

What EY can do for you

  • Co-innovation to deliver client specific capabilities
  • EY assets for supply chain and on Blue Yonder platform
  • Blue Yonder sandbox environment and Blue Yonder Accelerators
  • Managed services on Blue Yonder
  • Cloud & support alignment to drive faster issue resolution with minimal client involvement
  • Continuous Improvement and Upgrade Services
  • Early access to new functionalities and training content
  • Access to Blue Yonder resources to supplement EY team’s
  • Product and strategy to collaborate on roadmap and gap resolution vs customization

Together, we deliver digital transformation and help clients achieve their resilient customer-centric supply chains through the implementation of Blue Yonder’s solutions architected on the Luminate Platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

  • Supply Chain Planning

    Luminate Planning uses AI and ML, along with robust algorithms and predictive analytics to sense supply chain disruptions and giving you the ability to course-correct, minimizing disruptions and updating plans to provide better business outcomes. Key capabilities enabled: Cognitive Business Planning, Demand and Supply Planning, S&OP, S&OE.

  • Supply Chain Execution

    Luminate Logistics gives you an end-to-end supply chain execution platform to drive flexible and cost-efficient distribution networks. It enables end-to-end visibility and agile decision-making helping you to recognize problems before they happen, get recommendations for action, and minimize supply chain risk. Key capabilities enabled: Transportation Modeling, Transportation Management, Warehouse and Warehouse Labor management.

  • Omni-channel Commerce

    Luminate Commerce delivers a superior and unified e-commerce experience through a re-imagined customer-centric supply chain combining predictive order management with supply chain forecasting and fulfillment solutions that use real-time inventory visibility and predictive order promising capabilities.

Our innovative highly configurable digital transformation solution assets help clients kick start and optimize the transformation.

Tackle your biggest challenges and ignite business growth with our immersive, collaborative space and virtual experiences. With the EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub and BlueYonder solutions, innovation is realized through immersive, collaborative space and virtual experiences.

Learn more: EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub 


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