Aleksander Poniewierski
In an era of explosive technological progress, it is important to focus on what is valuable.

Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski

EY Global Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader

Leading-class knowledge in IT/OT security, IT systems risk management, digital transformation and digital business models. Keen photographer, spurred on by 2013 National Geographic competition win.

Aleksander is an award-winning EY Global Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader, recognized by IoT World as IoT World Leader of the Year 2020. 

Aleksander leads Consulting services across digital and emerging technology. His focus is on the development of strategy, design, implementation support, process improvement, business model innovation, security and protection for global clients.

Previously, Aleksander led EY IoT and Operation Technology Consultancy services across the globe and for the EMEIA region.

Aleksander is a recognized author of a bestselling publication on the dynamics of technology, SPEED no limits in the digital era, as well as a renowned keynote speaker at multiple international conferences.

Aleksander graduated with a master’s degree in Information Technology, from Upper Silesian University. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Poznan University of Economics. Aleksander is a university speaker and visiting professor. He has participated in numerous Executive Programs provided by Harvard Business School, Carnegie Mellon University and LMD University.

How Aleksander is building a better working world

Aleksander has a deep understanding of the evolving technology sector and knows how to help companies use it to improve their operations and the world around them.

“Changes and continual development are essential aspects of our life and technology is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of human activity. The value of technological innovation for business transformation is doubtless. However, in an era of explosive technological progress, it is important to focus on what is valuable.”

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