Kasia Lundy
Colleges and universities are often considered timeless and unchanging. In reality, the higher education sector is experiencing change more rapidly than ever before.

Kasia Lundy

EY-Parthenon Principal, US Higher Education, Ernst & Young LLP

Strategist. Education industry thought leader. Wife. Mother.

Kasia is a principal at EY-Parthenon and leads the Education practice. With nearly 20 years of consulting experience with the firm, she is responsible for overseeing teacher effectiveness and compensation initiatives, strategic resource allocation, portfolio strategy work and race-to-the-top strategies at the state level for students in kindergarten to 12th grade.

Kasia’s higher education engagements focus on strategic planning, governance and organization structure design, revenue-generating strategies (such as online strategies, program development and alternative revenues), academic outcome improvement strategies, and operational efficiency improvement strategies.

She earned a BA in Economics and MBA from Harvard University.

How Kasia is building a better working world

“My work in the education sector focuses on helping kindergarten to 12th grade schools and higher education institutions assess their strategy and adapt it to this transformative age so that they can best support their students and succeed as an institution. This, I believe, helps me contribute to building stronger communities and a better working world.”

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