Photographic portrait of Arturas Piliponis
To succeed and stay relevant in an ever-changing world, people and organisations must continuously learn, embrace digitalisation and innovate.

Arturas Piliponis

EY Baltics Performance Improvement and Technology Consulting Leader, EU Digital Government Hub Leader

More than 20 years of experience helping organisations grow through IT enabled business transformations. Passionate about work, learning something new every day.

Arturas leads the EY Digital services dedicated to the EU institutions and he is responsible for the EU Digital Government Hub which connects EY professionals specializing in the Digital domain across Europe and the EU institutions. In addition, Arturas is responsible for Performance Improvement and Technology Consulting Services in EY Baltic Consulting Services.

Arturas started his professional career in 1998. His fields of expertise include strategy and organization-wide business transformation, IT-enabled business transformations including program and project management, implementation of MIS, ERP and other IT solutions. Throughout his career, Arturas has developed a deep knowledge of Government and Public, Financial and Telecommunication sectors.  

Arturas holds a Master degree in Finance from the Kaunas University of Technology.

 How Arturas is building a better working world

"Digital technologies are transforming our world – the way we communicate, do business, compete in the market and interact with governments. Digital expands markets geographically and opens unlimited opportunities for value creation. Working across different geographies and cultures enables me to see, experience and, respectively, bring all of EY Digital leading practices and solutions to our clients to close digital gaps, innovate, grow economies and improve people lives."

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