Photographic portrait of Asta Streimikiene
I am a true believer in organisational culture based on respect and teamwork. With these two components in place, any mountain peak can be reached.

Asta Streimikiene

EY Lithuania Assurance Partner

Building trust and confidence in business reporting. Facilitating client growth. Mother of two children. Passionate tennis player and fan.

Areas of focus Audit Assurance
Office Vilnius, LT

Asta is the head of Assurance service line in Lithuania. Her experience in audit and other assurance related services exceeds a total of 20 years.

Throughout her professional career, Asta has worked with local and international clients from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, utilities, telecommunications, trading, services organizations, financial funds and Government agencies sectors.

Asta also has assisted public entities during the IPO process and cross border transactions working in close cooperation with investment advisors. For several years she was leading culturally and linguistically diverse teams serving local and international clients.

Asta holds a degree in Finance from Vilnius University, Lithuania. She is a certified auditor in Lithuania, member of ACCA.

How Asta Streimikiene is building a better working world

"Mine and my team’s work directly contributes to the transparency of the society. By ensuring a proper financial and social reporting and educating the business community as well as the society, we help them to build trust and confidence in each other. Which, in turn, contributes to the growth and flourishing of our economy and communities."

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