Ben R. Morrell
Innovation should enable people to work more efficiently to make a difference.

Ben R. Morrell

Health Sciences and Wellness Market Digital Consultant

Passionate about emerging technologies and their impact on life sciences, primarily in R&D. Developing team members. Film and theater lover. Arsenal Football Club fan. Husband and father to two girls.

Ben is a seasoned life sciences consultant and a leader in technology solution development and implementation.

With over 15 years of experience in the project and program management of solution development and implementation, he has a keen interest in blockchain, robotics, business process automation and analytics. He joined EY in 2014.

In his role, he is focused on the life sciences digital agenda that helps industry employees focus on the health ecosystem, including patients and individuals.

Ben holds a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics & Computing from the University of Greenwich.

How Ben is building a better working world

“The convergence of existing and emerging technologies is transforming the way diseases are treated. In my work, I am exploring how these existing and emerging technologies can be used in new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and allow people to focus on making a difference. Internally, I work with our Knowledge teams to highlight and share the work that we do globally to ultimately benefit the broader client community.”

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