Brice Bultot
Luxembourg's insurance market has always been unique and adaptive to a continuously changing environment - the response to Brexit being one of the best illustrations.

Brice Bultot

EY Luxembourg Partner, Insurance Leader

Passionate about Luxembourg's insurance market. Trusted Regulatory and Audit Partner. Married and happy father of two. Interested in golf, cricket. Active in the field of education.

Areas of focus Assurance

Brice is a Partner dedicated to the insurance industry in the field of Audit, Regulatory and Transactions.

Brice has served a wide range of Luxembourg insurance companies, including the market leaders in their respective segments.

He coordinated the Luxembourg implications for several Brexit relocation projects for insurance companies. His support was mainly in the field of regulatory, accounting, actuarial, risks and operations.

Brice is the chairperson of the Insurance Commission of the Luxembourg Institute or auditors (IRE) and member of the insurance commission of the Luxembourg institute of independent directors (ILA).

Brice holds a master degree in management and economics from Reims Management School (Neoma).

How Brice is building a better working world

Brice is happy to evolve within an increasingly fast developing environment. He is proud to support Insurance companies navigating through business and regulatory change.

Always willing to make the best out of uncertainties and challenges, he dedicated his full energy to support complex Brexit projects which resulted into successful outcomes.

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