Photographic portrait of Darren Chua
As exponential technologies disrupt every corner of life, we have the opportunity now to reimagine and reshape the businesses and societies we live in.

Darren Chua

EY Oceania Education and EY Asia-Pacific Consulting Digital Strategy & Transformation Leader

Lives and works at the intersection of strategy, digital and people.

Darren is a strategic advisor to large Australian companies and public sector organizations, particularly in the area of Digital Strategy & Transformation, for which he is EY Asia-Pacific Leader.

The majority of Darren’s career has been in strategy consulting, which has seen him travel the world leading projects across Australia, Silicon Valley and Europe. These fortunate experiences have allowed him to work at the edge of disruption where new possibilities and business models are being created all the time. Darren’s role is to help the organization and EY clients exploit these new opportunities while also managing the risk of traditional capabilities and business models being displaced.

At a personal level, Darren is passionate about playing his part to help our society and businesses flourish in the face of the great disruptors of our time – global trade shifts, demographic changes, and exponential digital and biological technologies.

How Darren is building a better working world 

“I’m passionate about playing my part to help society and businesses flourish in the face of the great disruptors of our time. Demographic shifts are changing how we experience life and how we age, global trade flows are altering the world’s balance of power, and exponential digital and biological technologies change not just what’s possible, but what indeed becomes normal.

I’m excited about being at the forefront of the transformation around us and ahead of us. I’m particularly humbled to play a part in how the Education sector is being reimagined, which will change the way that we, our kids and grandkids experience lifelong learning that is far more personalized and adaptive than we can currently grasp.”

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