Photographic portrait of Saulius Adomaitis
Utiliites across the Middle East, Africa and India are on the brink of transformative change – decisions made now will determine their future success.

Saulius Nerijus Adomaitis

EY MENA Consulting Energy Sector Leader

Leads utilities through transformation.

Based in Ernst & Young - Dubai, Saulius is Consulting Energy Sector Leader.

With more than 20 years’ experience across the energy, infrastructure and public sectors, Saulius advises utilities, investors and energy ministers on broad energy transformations. He’s led complex cross-border projects including the restructuring and privatization of major utilities across the Gulf Corporation Council and Europe.

Saulius holds an MA in International Business from Lithuania’s Vilnius University. He is a regular speaker at energy industry events and is a lecturer in business plan development at the Baltic Management Institute.

How Saulius is building a better working world

Saulius is passionate about helping utilities make the most of the energy transformation. By reshaping their own role, energy companies can unlock new value and ensure a more sustainable energy future.

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