Bouke Evers
Insurers are currently facing a pretty challenging playing field. For example, how do you go about improving your solvency and profitability?

Bouke Evers

EY Netherlands Associate Partner EY Actuaries

Enthusiastic. Optimistic. Outspoken. Likes to speak his mind and brings an enthusiastic amateur soccer player’s sense of team spirit to the shop floor.

Bouke Evers makes sure that insurers are compliant with the latest rules and regulations, also helping them optimize their financial position and automate internal processes.

He studied Econometrics at Tilburg University and has been with EY since 2006.

“Insurers are facing a pretty challenging playing field. On the one hand, the market is shrinking, costs are high, interest rates are low, and old systems and processes simply have to be updated. On the other hand, they’re also having to comply with a growing amount of legislation. In addition to ensuring compliance, we’re also helping them look ahead. For example, how can insurers improve their solvency and profitability in the current landscape? Transparency is key with this regard. You must live up to your commitments while being realistic about what you can and cannot do.”

How Bouke is building a better working world

“What I love the most about this job is the varied range of clients with whom we deal and the dynamic day-to-day environment, which really suits me. I get bored quickly and love taking on new challenges. In addition, I really enjoy working with colleagues from both our international network of experts and the young professionals that I get to supervise as counsellor. We get to grow together and really build something worthwhile. As I love playing soccer, this sense of team spirit definitely spills over into my work.”

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