EY Storybook: customer journey-mapping platform

EY Storybook helps you design research-based customer and user narratives, journeys and personas. Built for collaboration, EY Storybook transforms projects into intuitive stories that illustrate current or future-state journeys, organize phases into chapters, and integrate characters, tags, priorities, attachments and more.

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Your business challenge

While considering a user narrative for your business, the challenge has shifted from whether to do user research to how to manage the data. Organizing and accessing qualitative customer data in a clear format is difficult, especially as research findings evolve and new data yields new learnings. Does your business:

  • Integrate different kinds of assets — videos, images and documents — into its customer journeys
  • See current customer journeys as a starting point to define future-state experiences

Solution benefits

EY Storybook turns your projects into intuitive stories. Users can enhance narratives with a multitude of resources and manage characters and stories in a scalable way to achieve new insights.

  • Democratize the process of turning your research into stories without the need for specialized design skills and tools
  • Intuitively integrate images, videos and other assets to bring entries to life
  • Grow and enhance information on users and their behavior over time



Use cases

Storybook is most suitable for two key use cases:

  • Current state – organizing evidence-based qualitative research to describe existing processes, opportunities and needs
  • Future state – communicating “to be” stories to envision scenarios.

Solution features & functionality

Create personas

  • Include goals, tasks and challenges
  • Link from characters directly to their stories
  • Re-use characters across multiple journeys

Design stories

  • Build stories to illustrate current or future state journeys
  • Organize phases into chapters
  • Customize steps with characters, tags, priorities and attachments

Review and share findings

  • Search and filter to identify key information and patterns
  • Present information in overview and detailed views
  • Use read-only or edit role

Why EY

The power of EY people, capabilities and innovation can turn your customer data into powerful business tools. EY Storybook is underpinned by experience and proprietary technology focused on meeting your transformation challenges.

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