Photographic portrait of Erik Skoglund
I help companies with their ”Integrity Agenda”, not to help them follow the rules and regulations, but to help them do the right thing

Erik Skoglund

EY Nordic, Forensic & Integrity Services leader

Experienced investigator of financial irregularities, focused on helping our clients, nine years of experience working abroad, experience in the construction industry, leads a team of 40+ consultants.

Areas of focus Forensics TMT
Office Stockholm, SE

Erik has more than 30 years of experience helping clients, both as an internal and external auditor and partly as a consultant in financial irregularities. Erik has also worked as CFO.

Erik has long experience from a large number of sectors, he has worked for five years in the construction industry.

During the period 1997 - 2006 Erik worked in England and the US.

Erik leads EY's Nordic operations in financial irregularities (Forensics & Integrity services). He is responsible for more than 40 consultants.

Erik is a business economist specializing in accounting and finance. He became an Authorized Public Accountant in 1993.

How Erik is building a Better Working World

Corruption and other financial irregularities are the biggest threats to achieving the UN Agenda 2030. By working passionately to help clients work against all forms of corruption and other economic irregularities, I do what I can to achieve Agenda 2030.

I help companies with their "Integrity Agenda", not to help them follow the laws and regulations, but to help them do the right things.

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