photographic portrait of Magnus Kuchler
The most successful companies are the ones realizing they are part of a network and uses it to maximize collaboration and innovation.

Magnus Kuchler

Country Managing Partner, EY Sweden and Nordic Markets Leader

Magnus is passionate about helping companies taking big leaps forward by utilizing the power of innovation, transformation and partnership.

Magnus is Country Managing Partner and chairman of the board for EY in Sweden.

Magnus started his career at Siemens Elema in 1996, where he worked with BPR and was also an EY client. In 1997 he became an EY employee and worked as a consultant. In 2000 EY Global sold the consulting practice to Capgemini, where Magnus worked for six years. During the last one as Vice President and part of the management team, before returning to EY in 2006.

When returning to EY Magnus responsibility was to build and lead an Outsourcing Advisory team in Sweden, and later also in the Nordics. In 2007 Magnus was appointed partner. As a consultant Magnus has spent most of his time in Outsourcing Advisory and he is passionate about creating value adding partnerships and cooperations between companies.

Magnus has studied at KTH and Högskolan i Skövde and did his master thesis in Business Process Reengineering.

How Magnus is building a better working world

I strive to design the best strategies to make it possible for companies to collaborate and work together as real partners and in that way create innovation and competitiveness.

After 23 years as a pioneer in Outsourcing Advisory and with the experience from more than 120 outsourcing projects there are a lot of lessons learnt. Successful companies have a clear make-or-buy strategy and has made outsourcing part of their business model. They also put as much time into change management and incentives as the structure of contracts and agreements.

I work mostly with Vested outsourcing – a new, award winning method, business model and mindset to create real win-win partnerships.

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