With the mission to make organisations ready for the next wave of cubersecurity requirements to enable the business.

Sofia Burendahl

Strategy and Governance Lead and Associate Partner, Cybersecurity, EY Sweden

Cybersecurity transformation leader. Passion for quantum computing. Kickoff every morning with strong coffee.

Sofia is working as an Associate Partner within Cybersecurity. Within this role Sofia will support organisations to mature their security posture and guide them to the next wave of the cybersecurity field.

Prior to joining EY, Sofia worked as a CISO with a regional responsibility leading the organisations transformation journey within cybersecurity.

Sofia started of her career within computational science and took her PhD from Karolinska Institutet.

How Sofia is building a better working world

With the mission to continue to develop and mature the cybersecurity leadership, Sofia has taken on the mentor role for young leaders around the world. The role of the CISO is developing with the new demands in the area. The need of solid leadership increase at high pace and driving the mentorship role enables more organisations to create substainable poeple and a better working world.

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