Walter de Oude

Founder and Deputy Chairman, Singlife

Founder and Deputy Chairman, Walter de Oude, established Singlife in 2017 with the vision of creating a digital connected financial ecosystem that makes money work harder for a mobile-first generation of customers. Starting by reshaping how insurance is delivered digitally and efficiently, and following with the launch of the Singlife account, Singlife transformed how customers think about insurers for the better. Under Walter’s leadership, Singlife successfully acquired a 75% stake in Aviva Singapore in Singapore’s largest insurance deal to bring two complementary companies together to build a homegrown insurer serving over one million customers.

Walter previously led HSBC Insurance Singapore as CEO and has held senior roles across Asia in his career spanning over two decades in insurance and financial services.

For his entrepreneurship, innovation and passion, Walter was recognized by Business Insider in 2020, naming him as one of the “100 People Transforming Business”.

About Singlife

Singlife is a Singapore-based financial institution that aims to unlock the potential of money by making financial services more convenient, transparent and accessible. Licensed in 2017, Singlife has since been innovating its solutions to meet the needs of mobile-first customers and to provide a full suite of connected financial service offerings, reshaping Singapore’s financial services industry. Singlife launched Singapore’s first insurance-savings plan with an accompanying Visa debit card in 2020. That same year, Singlife announced its merger with Aviva Singapore in Singapore’s largest insurance deal with the combined business valued at S$3.2b. Singlife was awarded “Digital Life Insurance Initiative of the Year” by the Insurance Asia Awards in 2020 and continues to give its customers a seamless connected financial experience.