Photographic portrait of Mojca Emeršič

Mojca Emeršič

EY Slovenia, Associate Director, Family Enterprise Leader

Mojca admires innovations and believes in the power of entrepreneurship in Slovenia. She encourages exchange of knowledge and promotes genuine relationships with Slovenian family businesses.

Mojca has joined EY Slovenia in 2003. She has worked in marketing and in HR on strategic workforce planning and, in 2014, she initiated the development of family business advisory services in Slovenia. Mojca leads family business charter projects and other projects related to succession management, heading a team of communications, legal, tax and finance experts.

She has more than 20 years of experience with communications, PR, employee development, development of leading teams, motivation and strategic planning in international companies. She is also an experienced advisor in matters related to transfer of ownership and leadership in family businesses.

Mojca has an Open University Bachelor’s degree in combined studies (EU, humanities, economy). She is a Certified Family Business Advisor (Family Firm Institute certificate) and is trained to used various psychometric tools (MBTI, Tracom, EQ). She is currently training to become a licensed business coach.

How Mojca is building a better working world

Mojca helps build a better working world by promoting employee development in EY Slovenia in accordance with the company’s purpose and through her activities related to family business. Her team helps businesses plan the process of transferring leadership and ownership to the next generation. She guides the companies through this difficult period and encourages more sustainable practices.

In 2015, Mojca collaborated with School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, on a fundamental study of family businesses in Slovenia. In 2018, she and her team prepared a brochure on corporative family management. Since 2020, she coordinates the EY Family Academy, a study program for members of families who own family businesses. She is also leader of the Family Business Slovenia project, as part of which a book promoting ten motivational stories about Slovenian family businesses is published every year. Mojca also brought to Slovenia the EY Family Business Award of Excellence.

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