Adapting to the New Normal: How can businesses prevent and detect fraud in the changing times Part 1

[Chinese below] | COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many organizations to disruption which may lead to the evolving risks of fraud. Adopting additional measures and remaining vigilant in developing and implementing accurate preventative processes can make companies well equipped to combat associated potential damages in revenue or reputation.  

In a bid to help organizations prevent and reduce risk of frauds, Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited (EY Vietnam) has pleasure to produce the two sequential webinar themed “COVID19: Adapting to the new normal – how to prevent and detect frauds in the changing times” in October and November 2021.

The first webinar will provide you with an overview of typical fraud risks faced by the foreign businesses operating in Vietnam and some of the effective fraud prevention and detection measures that are being undertaken by organizations.

For further information, please contact: Ms. Trinh Kiet Luong | +84 28 3629 7819 | 

The webinar will be held in English and Chinese.   


COVID-19 疫情使许多组织面临中断,这可能导致欺诈风险不断增加。 采取额外措施并在制定和实施准确预防流程过程中保持警惕心态,有助于企业做好充分准备,以应对相关的潜在收入或声誉损害。

为了帮助企业预防和降低欺诈风险,安永越南有限公司(安永越南)非常荣幸于2021年10月和11月举办两场线上讲座,主题为“COVID19: 适应新常态,时代变迁如何防范和发现欺诈? ” 



若需更多信息,请联系梁洁贞顾问| +84 28 3629 7819 | 


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Location Webinar, Microsoft Teams, EY Vietnam, Vietnam, 70000, 70000, VN

Time 14:00 - 15:30