Transaction strategy

EY-Parthenon teams can support you with the development, evaluation and end-to-end execution of your transaction strategy. They work with you as you assess and prioritize investment and portfolio optimization opportunities and identify targets to help achieve full potential.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

  • What is the role of M&A within your strategy and what is the right structure to pursue? 
  • Have you planned your post-acquisition process and are you prepared for the challenges of post-integration?
  • Have you performed the necessary due diligence to ensure you’re making the best transaction decisions?
  • Operational and IT diligence

    EY-Parthenon professionals assist clients with critically evaluating a target’s attractiveness through an assessment of their operational and IT infrastructure. They not only offer an early identification of the operational issues affecting a business case but also identify opportunities for post transaction value creation.

  • Commercial diligence (buy side)

    Using data-driven analysis, including the capabilities in primary and secondary research, and econometric analysis, EY-Parthenon professionals support clients’ diligence process in evaluating the attractiveness of a target’s industry, and assessing its competitive position and opportunities for growth.

  • Vendor due diligence (sell side)

    EY-Parthenon professionals assess clients in the exit phase of investment by articulating a portfolio company’s strategic position and future growth opportunities.

  • Integration strategy planning and execution

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients through the development of an integration strategy, identification of synergies and value creation opportunities, development of combined commercial and operating model, and development of an integration master plan. They also help clients execute the integration process, realize and track synergies and manage communication and change throughout the integration process.

  • Divestiture strategy planning and execution (DivestCo and RemainCo)

    EY-Parthenon professionals support the development and execution of separation plans to reduce disruption to the ongoing business and disentangle complex areas — including customers and contracts, legal entities, IT infrastructure and applications, supply chain, finance & accounting and human resources. EY-Parthenon proprietary leading practice tools provide a robust platform to help manage your transactions in a coordinated manner.

  • Operational and IT separation

    EY-Parthenon professionals help clients separate people, processes, IT systems, assets, contracts and legal entities. We focus on key value drivers, during the sale or spin-off of a business unit, division or entire entity.

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