Investing in Vietnamese Banks

Recognizing Vietnam’s potential, many foreign businesses have actively taken root in the market, increasing bank bases to provide comprehensive financial services. Although profits in the second half of 2021 may be affected due to the mounting impact of the fourth wave of COVID-19, Vietnam will still be a stable development area from a long-term perspective.

In order to operate and thrive in Vietnam, it is important that foreign banks gain an insight into the country banking landscape, business environment as well as the essential legal requirements. 

Tune in to the webinar Investing in Vietnamese Banks produced by Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited (EY Vietnam) to have a better understanding of the Vietnamese banking market, investment opportunities and how to access the market.

The webinar will be held in English and Chinese.   

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认识到越南的潜力,中国企业积极扎根市场,增加银行基础,提供综合金融服务。尽管由于第四波 COVID-19 的影响越来越大,2021 年下半年的利润可能会受到影响,但从长远来看,越南仍将是一个稳定的发展区域。


收听由安永越南有限公司(EY Vietnam)举办的投资越南本地银行的网络研讨会,以更好地了解越南银行市场、投资机会以及如何进入市场。


如需更多信息,请联系Trinh Kiet Luong女士 | +84 28 3629 7819 |



Nga Nguyen
Partner, Assurance, Financial Services, Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited

Location Webinar, Microsoft Teams, EY Vietnam, Vietnam, 70000, 70000, VN

Time 10:00 - 10:30