Investment Trend in Vietnam Medical devices industry: Distribution Channel Strategy

With rising demand for adequate medical care and equipment, Vietnam’s medical device industry is one of the most promising sectors for foreign investment. Opportunities in Vietnam’s medical device industry are ripe due to the country’s aging population, a shortage of medical devices, and government support in terms of tax incentives and industry prioritization. 

On top of it, the European Union – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the amended Law on Investment will benefit foreign producers and suppliers wishing to enter the Vietnamese market, which still largely relies on imported medical equipment and medicines. Join the webinar held by EY Consulting Vietnam Joint Stock Company (EY Consulting VN) to gain a better understanding of the market landscape and how EY-Parthenon team can further extend your go-to-market strategies in the distribution channel to thrive in Vietnam. 

The webinar will be held in English and Chinese.   

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由於越南的經濟發展,和對完善醫療保健和設備的需求不斷增長,醫療器械行業是外國投資人最有前景的行業之一。 由於該國人口開始老齡化、醫療器械短缺,以及本地政府在稅收優惠和行業發展的優先支持,越南醫療器械行業的市場機會已經成熟。

 EVFTA 和修訂後的投資法將使希望進入越南市場的外國生產商和供應商受益,越南市場仍主要依賴進口醫療設備和藥品。 如果您是該行業的參與者,請加入以了解市場格局,以及安永Parthenon策略投資團隊能如何進一步擴展您在分銷渠道中的進入市場策略。

活動語言: 中英文

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EY Vietnam
Assurance | Tax | Strategy and Transactions | Consulting

Location Webinar, Microsoft Teams, EY Vietnam, Vietnam, 70000, VN

Time 14:00 - 15:00