Tax Symposium 2021

As of late 2020, the Government has issued a number of significant legal documents on tax and tax administration while seeking feedbacks over related draft circulars and guidance. The current and upcoming legal changes are expected to exert an extensive impact on businesses. In addition, the guidance of local tax authorities and the General Department of Taxation in tandem with the execution at recent inspections have also suggested changes in the future tax policies.

Tax Symposium 2021 – sharing of expert experiences from tax inspections and updates on tax policies, the webinar co-organized by EY Consulting Vietnam Joint Stock Company (EY Consulting VN) and the Vietnam Chief Financial Officers Association (CFO Vietnam), will provide the latest information on tax policies and pragmatic practices on dealing with common risks during the inspections of tax and transfer pricing.

The event is designed for chief finance officers, chief accountants, tax managers, tax accountants, especially those of EY clients and members of CFO Vietnam.


EY Vietnam
Assurance | Tax | Strategy and Transactions | Consulting

Location Webinar, Microsoft Teams, EY Vietnam, Vietnam, 70000, 70000, VN

Time 08:30 - 16:00