Daniel Krauss
Dynamic competitive advantage depends on systematically orchestrating new technologies, diverse talent and agile ecosystems to bring new products and services to market swiftly.

Daniel Krauss

EY Global Consulting Transformation Platform Leader

Orchestrator of new experiences and services opportunities enabled by the premise platform business provides. Diversity advocate. Runner. Youth soccer coach.

Daniel facilitates EY’s vision and strategy for the EY Transformation Platform. In his role, he is responsible for managing an evolving suite of business platforms which enable EY clients and teams to address recurring challenges in innovation and transformation programs. He is leading a globally-distributed team of teams to orchestrate a market-oriented and coherent execution of individual platform roadmaps based on the premise of platform business to augment the way EY engages, sells, and delivers to its clients.

Before joining EY, Daniel was a research director with an American research and advisory firm, where he developed original research on the future of consulting and advised leading service providers and technology vendors globally. A recognized thought leader, he has been quoted in the Harvard Business Review.

He completed the Executive Program in Innovation at Stanford University and received an MS in Marketing Theory, Organizational Science and Economics from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

How Daniel is building a better working world

With more than a decade of experience in technology research and innovation management, he is advising large clients on topics such as technology foresights, innovation management, and product development. In addition, he develops and manages start-up relationships which complement or enrich EY’s platforms suite. His support helps EY clients and collaborators to advance their positioning with customers, ecosystem partners, talent and society, which helps them to build a better working world.

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