Photographic portrait of Erik Vermeulen
We’re doing this so we can all age healthily and affordably.

Erik Vermeulen

EY Global Smart Health Solution Leader

Driven. Creative. Reliable. Always prepared. Likes to have an overview, but also get the lowdown on the newest in technology.

Areas of focus Health Life Sciences
Office Amsterdam, NL

Erik assists health organizations in realizing their strategic ambitions and the introduction or scaling of modern technologies. This means connected and virtual care, health platforms, big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Together with a team of experienced professionals, he provides health organizations strategic insight and execution power, leveraging in-depth knowledge of health care operations and advanced technology. Erik is the EY Global Smart Health Solutions Leader and also leads the Health Consulting team at EY Netherlands.

He studied Information Management at Tilburg University, and has been working at the EY Netherlands firm since 2014. He previously worked as a consultant at a leading system integrator.

How Erik is building a better working world

“Health care is on the brink of a revolution and has a lot of catching up to do to meet consumer expectations. Driven by smart algorithms fueled by large datasets, health care can be tailored precisely to meet individual patients’ needs and expectations.

But how can people, environments and systems be better connected? How can sustainable data foundations be created? How can investment value be optimized? How can enthusiasm be generated for these transitions? That’s what I help clients with.

There’s a vast amount to discover and improve, which keeps my intellectual and collaborative skills primed. I enjoy working with clients to achieve things that may have been thought impossible. I’m proud, for example, of the largest EMR implementation in the Netherlands, where ambitious planning and a range of innovations combined successfully.”

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