Photographic portrait of Patrick Dawson
Tomorrow's winners will be those who stand out by standing for something greater than themselves.

Patrick Dawson

EY Global C-Suite Programs Knowledge Leader

Believes that business can and should play a key role in tackling global challenges. Strives to help EY use knowledge as a competitive advantage. Inquisitive. Husband, father.

Patrick leads a team of knowledge professionals who work with marquee EY programs, such as the Geostrategic Business Group, the Global Center for Board Matters, EY Ripples and Women. Fast forward. With a background as a knowledge analyst, Patrick has deep experience developing thought leadership and related content for these and other programs.

His work has typically focused on broad issues that cut across sectors and impact global business.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP, Patrick led a team of analysts at a major HR consulting firm and was the first knowledge professional hired by a global hedge fund.

Patrick completed his post-graduation from Indiana University and The Ohio State University and graduation from Bowling Green State University.

How Patrick is building a better working world

“I have led research and thought leadership on the topic of purpose in business. Demonstrating the value of a clearly articulated and activated purpose that is aligned to multiple stakeholders. We continue to explore how companies can successfully embed purpose into their strategy and operations.”

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