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Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 program - call for nominations!

As the Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) program kicks off today, help us build a better working world by recognizing India's outstanding entrepreneurs. With the EOY 2016 India program, EY celebrates 18 years of outstanding entrepreneurial achievements with the aim of recognizing inspirational achievers and sharing their stories with the world.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who drive business excellence to new heights, change the face of industries, create jobs and contribute to the vibrancy of communities.

The EOY program salutes and celebrates such entrepreneurs and their spirit.

The award has, over the years, honored more than 140 exemplary men and women, who have played a pivotal role in India's ascent in the global business sphere.

Do you know an entrepreneur who has gone the extra mile?

We are waiting to uncover many more exceptional stories. Yours could be the one!

Make your move. Apply now!