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At EY wavespace, we exist to create and solve together.

The pace of change has accelerated such that organizations can be disrupted at any time. They need the freedom and space to be able to reimagine what’s possible and help to reframe their thinking for their business – faster. EY wavespace is that place.

Reimagine what’s possible and reframe your thinking to solve problems together, faster.

EY wavespace brings together business, design and technology, enabling companies to accelerate transformation, drive innovation and create measurable outcomes. In short, EY wavespace empowers you to reach better answers, faster.  

EY teams guide you in modelling immersive and dynamic experiences that can reimagine supply chains, assess resilience, and test operational shifts in alternative futures. You are surrounded with the best, diverse thinking from across the global EY wavespace network, as well as the wider ecosystem of the EY organization and its alliances. 

We run EY wavespace experiences  in person, virtual, hybrid and in the metaverse. Giving you and your teams a chance to break free from the every-day, to gain a fresh mindset and the collaborative tools to reframe your thinking. 

We go beyond the purely rational and help deliver transformation with less friction by addressing potential political and emotional barriers to solve problems at speed. We help design for your customers and stakeholders by aligning teams and breaking down silos, because we believe people support what they help create.

The result? We understand how to adopt technology, generate ideas, and build processes to help navigate transformation road-maps. It’s how EY wavespace contributes to building a better working world.

EY wavespace in the metaverse

The metaverse capabilities allow you to make rapid transitions from imagination to reality, clarify your appetite for risk versus reward, and begin building the infrastructure that will enable your success in new and evolving digital environments. In EY wavespace experiences delivered in the metaverse, you can put yourself  in your customers’ shoes, expand your thinking with fresh insights at virtual tradeshows, and even create working prototypes of the future your envision. 

    Why choose EY wavespace?

    • People

      Bring the right people together across the global EY wavespace network, the ecosystem of the EY organization and beyond.
      EY wavespace is a global network, where we give clients the ability to bring teams together – virtually, in person or a blend of both - wherever they are based. Surrounding teams with the most diverse thinking from across EY’s ecosystem of alliances and the EY wavespace luminary network.

    • Design + tech

      Reframe your thinking by giving teams the right mindset and tools.
      EY wavespace helps clients to think differently about their business by giving them the tools and resources to design and adopt technology to help enable innovation at scale.

    • Speed

      Compress months of stakeholder interactions into days.
      EY wavespace programs accelerate delivery and team alignment because they are designed to break down organizational silos and align teams so you can deliver transformation with less friction.

    EY wavespace™ in the metaverse

    EY wavespace and EY metaverse lab help clients transform for the decentralized economy, driven by the Metaverse and Web3.

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        The global network of EY wavespace centers

        Each EY wavespace center is a center of excellence for one or more digital capabilities, such as IoT, AI, user experience, blockchain, data analytics or cybersecurity.

        The pop-up / mobile capabilities mean that we can also set up and run EY wavespace experiences in a temporary space, or within your own organization.

        We have a global network of EY wavespace centers that support you to explore and test ideas and products.

        Each EY wavespace center is made up of distinct environments - for design, tech demos, data labs / incubation and workshops – and has specialist teams and technologies that will help you to explore and test your ideas and products.

        Each EY wavespace center is made up of distinct environments - for design, tech demos, data labs / incubation and workshops – and has specialist teams and technologies that will help you to explore and test your ideas and products.

        • Design Studio

          The design environments are open, creative spaces where we can help your team with service design, user experience (UX), user interfaces (UI), rapid prototyping and more.

        • Showcase

          Seeing is believing. In our showcase environments, we’ll immerse your team in emerging technologies — from virtual reality, to AI, to robotics and more.

        • Facilitated Workshop

          In the workshop environments, we run high-impact, facilitated events that will unleash your team’s imagination, and help you identify and address your toughest business issues.

        • Lab/Incubator

          In the labs and incubators, EY researchers and scientists explore, cultivate and pilot new technologies that can help your team bring its best ideas to life.

        • Pop-up/Mobile

          If your team can’t come to our established EY wavespace locations, we will come to you. We can set up shop and get down to business in your offices, a conference center — just about anywhere.

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