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Incentivizing access to proprietary data is key to accelerate AI adoption - EY India

New Delhi, 13 June 2024: In the global race of AI innovation, India is positioning to take the lead by addressing critical data accessibility challenges. EY’s latest whitepaper ‘Enabling AI development in India through data access’ outlines key recommendations for public and private sectors, emphasizing the need to develop institutions and mechanisms that incentivize sharing of proprietary data, necessitates a robust data framework, setting of data marketplace and a need to invest in development of standards for interoperability of data to drive AI innovation.

13 Jun 2024 New Delhi IN

Emerging technologies like GenAI set to propel India's economic transformation: EY Report

3 June 2024, New Delhi – As India sets its sight on achieving 'Viksit' status by 2047, the nation's economy stands on the brink of a significant transformation. However, amidst this journey, various global developments are poised to reshape the economic landscape, presenting both challenges and opportunities for India. According to the latest edition of EY Economy Watch, emerging technologies, climate challenges, de-globalization, and de-dollarization are key global trends that must be accounted for by India in its pursuit of becoming a developed nation.

3 Jun 2024 New Delhi IN

India must prioritise telecom infrastructure and data access investment to unlock AI potential: EY Report

21 May 2024, New Delhi : EY India's latest report titled 'Realising AI for All in India' underscores the necessity for sustained policies and emphasises the pivotal role that government intervention can play in fostering the beneficial utilisation of AI technology. The report outlines key policy considerations aimed at expediting AI development and ensuring its democratisation. These include revitalising telecom investments, catalysing an open data ecosystem, fostering research initiatives, implementing ethical AI practices, and reforming education to meet the demands of the AI era.

21 May 2024

As GenAI proofs of concept move into production, organizations vary in their scale of adoption across segments: EY report

16 May 2024, Bangalore – An early analysis of state of GenAI adoption in India in 2024 shows that enterprises have rolled out POCs to production, organisations vary at different levels of adoption maturity. The estimates, available in EY India latest report, "Is Generative AI beginning to deliver on its promise in India? - EY AIdea of India Update", shows that domestic enterprises are carefully considering the enterprise-grade functionality and reliability of GenAI. While digital savvy enterprises such as start-ups and Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are moving faster in rolling out POCs to production.

16 May 2024

April 2024 recorded US$4.4 billion in PE/VC investments across 98 deals, 35% decline Y-o-Y: EY-IVCA report

Mumbai, 23 April 2024: According to the IVCA-EY monthly PE/VC roundup, PE/VC investments in April 2024 were 4% lower than March 2024 in value terms. The number of deals recorded 14% growth.

23 Apr 2024