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Featured Should CEOs double-down on business transformation in the face of uncertainty? 30 Jan 2024
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    Budgeting for balancing growth and fiscal discipline

    The FY25 Interim budget has struck a fine balance between sustaining growth and achieving fiscal consolidation.

    22 Feb 2024 D. K. Srivastava

    Strategy and Transactions

    Onwards and upwards: a positive outlook for private credit in India

    Access insights on private credit fund raise and growth, deal activity, and market outlook for India

    22 Feb 2024 Bharat Gupta


    How can GCCs help organizations unlock the power of data?

    As organizations become increasingly data centric, GCCs can fulfil the critical role of centrally governing and transforming their vast data resources.

    14 Feb 2024 Kunal Ghatak


    The connected car era: Navigating the challenges of automotive cybersecurity

    OEMs, regulators, component suppliers, insurance companies, and consumers must ensure connected car safety.

    14 Feb 2024 Vinay Raghunath


    Tech Trend 01: AI-augmented software development: A new era of efficiency and innovation

    Generative AI-assisted tools are enhancing productivity and innovation in software development

    13 Feb 2024 Radhika Saigal

    How LMFP batteries can power India’s electric vehicle market

    LMFP batteries are cost-effective and can mitigate supply chain constraints more effectively.

    13 Feb 2024 Srihari Mulgund

    How can Global Capability Centers continuously reinvent to deliver value?

    As Global Capability Centers (GCCs) evolve, rethinking the strategy for performance improvement can maximize the value derived.

    6 Feb 2024 Kunal Ghatak

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    Mahesh Makhija

    EY India Emerging Technologies and Digital Leader


    How the Indian consumer is evolving during COVID-19

    Mahesh Makhija
    Monesh Dange

    Monesh Dange

    EY India Consulting Markets Leader


    Rohan Sachdev

    EY Global Insurance Emerging Markets Leader and EY India Consulting Services Leader


    How can insurers successfully navigate through the COVID-19 crisis?

    How insurers are embracing digitization in emerging markets

    Rohan Sachdev
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    The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

    For over 30 years, we’ve been learning from and advising the world’s fastest-growing entrepreneurs and private companies through the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ award program. 


    We've harnessed that 30 years of insight to develop the EY 7 Drivers of Growth. It’s how we help all businesses with high-growth aspirations successfully execute their ambitious growth strategies over the long term.

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