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Featured ESG: creating sustained value for a greener planet 15 Jun 2022
ESG value creation

    Energy and resources

    The Inflation Reduction Act – a turning point for the global green hydrogen market

    The US is using IRA to jumpstart and improve the economics of green hydrogen production.

    16 Jan 2023 Kapil Bansal


    Water 4.0: digital journey of water

    Digital technologies, including AI, ML and IoT, are making water systems efficient and sustainable.

    11 Jan 2023 Alexy Thomas

    Energy and resources

    How green hydrogen can help India achieve its net zero ambition

    India will need ~115 GW of renewable power and ~50 bn litres of fresh water for producing ~5 mn tons GH2 by 2030.

    9 Jan 2023 Somesh Kumar


    EY Tech Trends Chapter VIII: top FinTech trends in 2023

    From neo-banks to digital lending platforms, a slew of technology innovations are reshaping financial services.

    6 Jan 2023 Nilesh Naker


    How banks and their GCCs can remediate regulatory reporting shortfalls?

    Banks need to remediate regulatory reporting issues to gain regulators' trust.

    3 Jan 2023 Shiva Iyer

    Budget 2023-24: time to normalize growth and restore fiscal consolidation

    Union Budget 2023-24 would be the first normal budget after the COVID-19 shock and amid global geopolitical developments.

    23 Dec 2022 D. K. Srivastava

    How to unlock the power of digital payments through security?

    Strong regulatory focus and multiple governmental headways are enabling payment players to have tides flow in their favor.

    21 Dec 2022 Kartik Shinde

    Sustainability dialogues: things to consider

    Sustainability dialogues

    EY India leaders discuss the imperatives for business leaders as they curate their sustainability journey.

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    Our client case studies

    How Government of India implemented a global emission protocol

    To reduce hydrochlorofluorocarbon emissions, India is implementing the third phase of its plan for compliance with a global protocol.

    14 Jul 2022

    How an alco-bev major reduces IT costs with software asset management

    Software asset management allows real-time view on compliance while also allowing better visibility on costs.

    16 Jun 2022 EY India

    Creating a sustainable vendor management function

    A global Consumer product company re-imagined its VMO to effectively manage third-party contracts

    26 May 2022 Gaurav Sharma

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    How can insurers successfully navigate through the COVID-19 crisis?

    How insurers are embracing digitization in emerging markets

    Rohan Sachdev
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