• IFRS 9 - Expected Credit Loss

    An entity has a policy choice to apply either the simplified approach or the general approach for all trade receivables or contract assets that result from transactions within the scope of IFRS 15 and that contain a significant financing component in accordance with IFRS 15.

  • IFRIC Update for March 2019

    The March 2019 issue of the IFRIC Update summarizes the issues discussed at the IFRIC’s March 2019 meeting. Learn more in China Accounting Alert.

  • New legislation preps China as an attractive investment destination

    The Foreign Investment Law is seen as significant in stepping up China’s efforts to open up its economy to foreign enterprises.

  • IASB Update for March 2019

    The March 2019 issue of the IASB Update contains the IASB staff summary of the IASB meeting held on 12 and 14 March 2019. Learn more in China Accounting Alert.

  • Delicate balance between growth and risk prevention

    2019 “two sessions” shows that China economic policy will focus on tax and fee cuts, nurturing strategic industries and expanding market access for foreign investors.

  • On the Beam, Issue 10, 2019

    Our Greater China journal offers you insights on business, sectors and markets, as well as the latest on top-notch innovation and technology to help you stay tuned to the market.

  • On the Beam, Issue 9, 2018

    Our Greater China journal brings you the latest information on business and markets, giving you insights on new technologies to help you stay ahead in the fast-moving market.

  • Reaffirming the shift to quality of growth –Takeaways from the “two sessions”

    The “two sessions” in 2018 stands out as a watershed with the government shifting its focus from the pace to the quality of China’s economic growth.

  • Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2018

    Intensifying regulatory pressures are top of mind for business leaders, with 78% of respondents expressing increasing concern about data protection and data privacy compliance.

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    EY - China Accounting Alert

    China Accounting Alert

    This edition of China Accounting Alert provides news and updates about IFRS, financial reporting in Mainland China and EY publications.

    EY - HKFRS illustrative financial statements

    HKFRS illustrative financial statements

    This publication contains a set of financial statements prepared under HKFRS for a fictitious company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

    Leading-edge digital technology powering the EY audit

    Leading-edge digital technology powering the EY audit

    At EY we are embracing the benefits of the latest digital technologies and integrating them into our audit processes to respond to the evolving needs of business, regulators and investors.

    Selected risk themes for BCM sector 2018

    EY’s selected risk themes for Banking and Capital Markets sector 2018

    EY sees 2018 as a year where financial services firms will continue to remediate previous non-compliance issues while simultaneously scrambling to address additional requirements from new regulations.

    Assurance Services for Financial Benchmarks

    EY - Assurance Services for Financial Benchmarks

    IOSCO published the April Consultation Report, which requested comments from the public on proposed final Principles for Financial Benchmarks.