Photographic portrait of Mario Fäh
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Mario Fäh

Managing Director, EY etventure, Ernst & Young AG

Founder of etventure Switzerland. Lecturer and speaker on modern innovation methods. Family man and dog owner. Enjoys the beauty of Switzerland on a mountain bike, cross-country skiing or jogging.

Founder of etventure Switzerland (part of EY since 2017), Mario is passionate about designing, implementing, and scaling corporate ventures, digital business models and innovation for established organizations.

He is an old hand when it comes to building digital businesses: his career started in the media industry, one of the first to be hit hard by the digital transformation.

This encouraged him to become a shaper of change himself and start his first venture as a co-founder at 22. Mario built a software-as-a-service business that disrupted the traditional way of working. Initially ridiculed for the business idea, the new way of working became the standard.

After selling the company 13 years later, Mario started exploring other industries, leveraging his experience in rapidly building digital businesses and transforming traditional business models.

In parallel to his work at EY etventure and EY Design and Engineering, Mario is a regular lecturer and speaker on modern innovation methods.

How Mario is building a better working world

“My personal motivation is to overcome the 'innovator’s dilemma.' That is why, with all my love for emerging technology, it is important to me to set up established organizations correctly for innovation success and, in particular, to take people along on the journey. I am convinced that in this way we can build a better working world and contribute to sustainable prosperity instead of exponential growth without further purpose.”

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