Sustainable Products and Circular Economy

Resource shortages and supply chain disruption are coinciding with regulatory and investor pressure to make more efficient use of what we have. At the same time consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and demand for more sustainable products. 

The circular economy is emerging as a transformative process that decouples economic growth from the consumption of natural resources and creates positive ecological and social impacts. It has the potential to help businesses transform and extend the life and value of products across industries through circular business models and ecosystems.

What EY can do for you

We believe in building a better working world by reshaping businesses through circular economy practices. Our services and solutions help you simplify circular product design, business model innovation and ecosystem redesign.

Together, we can help keep resources of any kind for longer and in the nearest loop possible.

We’ve put a lot of thought into what makes a successful circular economy and the steps you’ll need to take along the journey. 

Learn more about our tools, training and approaches:

Step 1 - Collecting data and measuring your supply chain impact 

  • Circular Economy Baselining

    In a first step, you need to understand the level of circularity in your current product portfolios. Findings and their business implications are based on an evaluation of your portfolio footprint and handprint according to the R framework. 

  • Circul8or

    Circul8or is an integrated tool that measures detailed circularity, collects and visualizes data, identifies future potential, and helps you prioritize and manage the transformation toward an innovative and efficient future business model and product portfolio. Use it to identify circular market opportunities that address your specific supply chain and organizational challenges.

Step 2 – Learning the basics 

  • Circuneer training

    We’ve put together a three-week training program to teach your stakeholders the basics of the circular economy. At the same time, we enable you to jointly develop resilient future business models and to identify concrete potential within your own organization as the final step in the process of circularizing your own business model.

Step 3 – Redesigning your products, ecosystem and business model 

  • Circular Design Almanac and Canvas

    The Circular Design Almanac is an approach providing a clear structure to develop offerings and design physical product hardware for closed loops. It assesses product portfolios with respect to CE principles to inform better choices when selecting products. The Circular Design Canvas is part of the Almanac and aims to help you rethink ecosystems, business models and resource loops.

Circular economy implementation in organizations requires a successful training of all employees and stakeholders.


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EY sustainable supply chains teams can help you gain end-to-end supply chain visibility, secure alternative sources of supply and develop a resilient operating model. Together, we design circular strategies that look at the end-to-end supply chain of a product and the flow of materials to simplify and optimize resource efficiency.

On top, regulators are introducing sustainability taxes to incentivize resource efficiency. Our EY Sustainability Tax teams help organizations ensure compliance, understand incremental sustainability tax costs and embed sustainability taxes in their strategic ESG response. 

We work closely with ESG Governance, Risk Management and Compliance team to help clients get started with their ESG journey by evaluating the most critical capabilities in their supply chain and products lifecycle with ESG capability maturity assessments and help to customize and implement relevant ESG standards and frameworks accordingly.  


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Why we all have to think circular 

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