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Bring us your open mind, your energy, your definition of career success. Your passion amplifies our purpose so together we can build a better working world.

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You define your own success – and your career

We’re looking for people who are intentional about their careers and want one rich with experiences as well as achievements. We provide the scale, the culture, the teams and the tech so that you can build the career you want. We offer a range of diverse career options so that you can achieve success as defined by you.

We need your passion, your talent and your energy to so we make a meaningful impact, together.

You have an agile, growth-oriented mindset

At EY, we believe that the jobs of the future will be more engaging, more flexible, and more globally oriented than ever before – and that automation will open up exciting opportunities to do more interesting work.

It’s clear that many of us will be working with technology that hasn’t yet been invented, solving problems that haven’t yet been identified. So while technical skill sets are evolving faster than ever, many are becoming irrelevant or obsolete just as quickly.  

That’s why we recruit people today based on their mindset – not just their skillset. When you join us, we invest in your development, so you can continue to build the mindset and technology skillset to thrive.  


You see opportunities where others see challenges

Your mindset can help you shape your growth, your development, your future. What you know matters. But we’re finding that mindset – how you learn and act – are just as important in determining success as the skillset you acquire through your education and work experience.

That’s because when you have the right mindset, you’re better able to adapt and manage through change. You’re better able to spot opportunity. You’re better able to lead others and get the most from their perspectives.

And while it’s not possible or realistic to master every skill, with the right mindset you can pivot unexpectedly, stay agile, see around corners, and keep pace with the rapidly changing world. 

Your mindset will help to drive your career forward, giving you a desire to learn, adapt and acquire new skills.  

We believe there are three mindsets which are critical to success in this time of near constant change: they are the mindsets to innovate, think analytically, and act globally.

What is an innovation mindset?

You’ll drive disruption by seeing future opportunities that don’t yet exist and showing a passion for change and innovation.

You can collaborate to bring new ideas to market and always think outside the box, even if it goes against popular opinion.

Your hard skills such as forecasting and critical thinking are complemented by more abstract traits like creativity and the ability to manage and take advantage of change.

See how innovation is changing the way the world works

What is an analytics mindset?

You’ll understand the importance of analytics and data to your profession, with the ability to extract, transform and interpret the relevant data.

You’ll be a natural problem solver, able to translate complex data into simple and useful insights. You’ll be comfortable sharing these results with both internal and external stakeholders.

You’ll also be committed to asking better questions in order to get relevant data and understand how to use it.

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Learn more about big data

Used the right way, data and augmented intelligence can create competitive advantage, re-engineer processes and enhance risk controls.

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What is a global mindset?

You’ll have the ability to think, act and lead globally. You’ll drive innovation and identify creative solutions, working with clients and colleagues around the world.

You embrace diversity and are open and willing to think and work beyond your own perspectives and borders, to create new ideas and to approach problems in new ways.

You’re curious and you care deeply about people and businesses in cultures and markets different to yours, and can harness these differences to get to better solutions for your clients.

Today’s clients want to work with someone who has a global outlook, making global mindset a real competitive advantage as well as a critical component in your ability to adapt yourself and help your clients evolve as well.

We set high standards, but we offer a lot in return.

We look for strong communicators. Team players. Adaptable leaders.

EY people communicate effectively across different cultures regardless of location, religion, ethnicity or even language. They’re open, respectful, collaborative and generous team players. They’re nimble, adaptable and resilient; and are lifelong learners who are always well-informed and up-to-date.

If that sounds like you, then read on for how to apply to work with us at EY.

Share your mindset with us

Here at EY, we’ll encourage your development through work with ever-changing technologies. We’ll support you with award-winning learning, coaching and experiences. See how you can share your mindset with us through a great interview.

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