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Futureproof yourself in the future of work

Here at EY, tailoring your career is about more than just flexibility and advancement. We’ll help keep you relevant in a world where nothing stands still. We’ve all seen dynamic new businesses replacing those that failed to embrace change. You too have a similar choice: will you become a purpose-led leader with the mindset to analyze, innovate, think and act globally — or will you get left behind?

We believe that there’s no better place to stay relevant than right here. At EY, we offer every person the chance to seize new opportunities and work with cutting-edge technologies. We expose you to different clients in different industries. We encourage you to lead and to step out of your comfort zone. You get the chance to work with new teams, on projects that inspire and challenge you every single day.

Transforming exceptional people into purpose-driven leaders

No matter where you are on your career journey, here you’ll become a truly Transformative Leader – with your mindset as crucial as your skillset. At EY, above and beyond your supply chain experience, your code-writing ability or your understanding of tax codes, it’s about how you collaborate on a team, and how you inspire and include others. It’s about how you listen to clients, persevere when the work gets difficult, bounce back from setbacks – and that’s just the beginning.

Leadership at EY is the blueprint for developing leaders, and is the key to our future success – and yours.

Lifelong learner? This is the place for you

To stay ahead, people need to learn at a faster pace than change is happening.  Bring us your desire, energy, passion and drive, and we will invest in your ongoing learning.

In 2018, EY people took part in 13 million hours of formal learning. We spent more than US$500m on training, complemented by coaching and appropriate work experiences.

The investment in online learning continues to increase: in 2018 we provided thousands of custom-built and externally sourced online courses.

Of course, it’s about much more than your formal learning. It's also about the coaching and support you will need to grow. At EY, you’ll benefit from work experiences and opportunities that will help you transform, develop yourself and build a better working world.

EY learning and development in numbers

Invested in formal training

US$530 m

in fiscal year 2019

Average learning hours


per person in fiscal year 2019

Learning hours delivered

14 million

in fiscal year 2019

Build the sought-after skills you’ll need to stay relevant

Your future career may well feature jobs that don’t yet exist, in businesses that haven’t yet been created. You have skills and talents you don’t even know about, and we will help you to discover them. That’s why we launched EY Badges. EY Badges opens a world of possibilities by enabling you to earn digital badges for future-focused skills such as data visualization, data science and AI, and for skills like transformational leadership or inclusive intelligence.

To earn a badge, you’ll participate in required learning, challenge yourself to take on new experiences and make a contribution to the broader community. EY Badges is a portable and shareable program, and demonstrates skills and commitment not only to your EY colleagues but also to those in the broader business landscape.

EY Badges is your opportunity to continuously improve, transform and stay relevant.

Better conversations that look ahead, not backward

LEAD is our unique approach to developing EY people. When you think of traditional performance management, you might imagine an annual process driven by a look backward. At EY, performance management is about so much more. LEAD is grounded in regular conversations about you, your career, your development and your growth and learning. It’s all designed to motivate and inspire you to look forward to what’s next by understanding how you need to develop to achieve your aspirations.

Through LEAD, you’ll receive ongoing feedback that fuels meaningful dialogue about your career, development and performance. These powerful conversations, combined with technology to help deliver real-time feedback, give you greater transparency while allowing you to focus on what you’re doing and how you can be better. Through LEAD, you’ll gain insights into your performance so that you can choose and follow your personalized development path and transform into who you want to become.

Our support for your professional exams

We also support you in preparing for important professional exams. These include, for example, Tax Advisor, Auditor, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exams. Our support involves using time credits saved from working overtime for exam preparation, taking paid special leave or even benefiting from other financial support.

From Trainee to Partner

After graduation, you would join EY as Trainee, Assistant, Consultant or Associate. From day one, you are encouraged to take on responsibility and develop your skills with the given tasks and exciting projects. This is how your career could evolve:

As a Senior, you will take on initial management responsibilities, such as managing projects on site or coaching junior team members, in order to develop professionally and personally.

As a Manager, you will manage several projects in parallel and be responsible for the communication with your clients.

As a Senior Manager, you will expand your client relationships and put more time into sales and the development of your team members.

As a Director, you will manage complex projects and larger teams. You will specialize in a particular topic and acquire new clients in this field.

As an Associate Partner, you’ll continue to work like a Director with an addition of developing top-level strategies.

With the necessary experience and personality as well as the right entrepreneurial spirit, you can become a Partner and thus co-owner of EY.

However long you stay and wherever your career path takes you in EY – the exceptional EY experience, it’s yours to build.

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Your future is our most important investment.

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