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Climate change is permeating every single aspect of our lives, impacting the decisions we make, every day. The future of the world depends on our collective actions as stakeholders.

For many industries, the decarbonization process is under way and has already begun to fundamentally change markets – and organizations. If they haven’t already done so, business leaders need to reconsider their decarbonization strategy and how to position their company in this new normal.

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How EY can support you

We believe decarbonization is a strategic imperative and a great business opportunity for organizations seeking to drive new, sustainable growth and stand out against an ever increasing and fast changing competition. To meet stakeholders’ needs, organizations should take both a long-term view and short-term actions. If they get it right, everyone benefits.

Our decarbonization expertise spans from strategy all the way through to technological and operational transformation. We explain the opportunities for creating transparency in all relevant control variables and help you simplify and manage your risks. We observe and analyze regulatory trends and develop strategies for your company and your sector. At the same time, we consider decarbonization to be a comprehensive transformation process, which affects your entire company and requires a cross-sector perspective.

    Working together with you, our multidisciplinary teams seek ways to transform your decarbonization journey at critical points such as: 

    • Understanding opportunities and risks

      • Determination of the corporate decarbonization objectives
      • Analysis of trends to support situational awareness and development potential
      • Overview of current legal, tax and regulatory developments as well as international ESG standards
      • Materiality assessment to collect stakeholder input and assess impact
      • Climate scenarios analysis according to TCFD standard and regulatory requirements
      • Long-term value creation and ESG excellence
    • Developing your decarbonization strategy

      • Design the climate strategy and target operationg model
      • Target development according to SBTi, CDP, TCFD as well as financial services specific target setting such as NZBA, NZAMi and NZIA
      • GHG accounting according to the GHG protocol and PCAF
      • Identification of emission hotspots as well as efficient and effective abatement measures
      • Development of a stakeholder engagement strategy
      • Collecting data and measuring circularity along the supply chain
      • Identifying the circularity potential within a company
      • Leveraging emerging trends in sustainable research and development, e.g., green hydrogen, smart cities, responsible AI etc.
    • Implementing strategy

      • Implementation of a decarbonization roadmap
      • Sustainable in-house implementation through our change management and transformation delivery
      • Building momentum with employee engagement
      • Identification of reporting lines with clear roles and responsibilities to meet targets with measurable KPIs
      • Increasing product sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design of products
      • Smart procurement, green logistics and fuel switches
      • Establishing corporate social responsibility projects
    • Communicating performance

      • Building trust through transparent non-financial reporting and assurance according to accredited standards (EU Taxonomy, GRI etc.)
      • Continuous ESG impact measurement (e.g., EYe Carbon Footprint Tool)
      • Carbon accounting and emission reduction verification
      • Consulting in investor, client and public relations
      • Engagement with relevant stakeholders towards sustainable policy development

    Climate change is happening here and now – and will remain high on the agenda for years to come. Protecting the planet, supporting society and enabling sustainable business needs to become simpler. We work to develop decarbonized strategies and solutions, build resilience and increase adaptability. Together, we can make it doable. 

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