Photographic portrait of Benjamin Teufel
It is not just about having an economic strategy that works from a sustainability perspective, it’s about having a sustainability strategy that works from an economic perspective.

Benjamin Teufel

Head of Sustainability, Leader EYCarbon and Sector Leader Energy & Resources | Switzerland

Accompanies the transformation of the energy world, both large and small. Meets current challenges with a positive attitude and focus on solutions.

Office Zurich, CH

Benjamin leads the Energy & Resources sector in Switzerland for all service lines. As a long-serving corporate and transaction consultant, he supports leading companies in Europe in a wide range of challenges. Before he joined EY, he worked for various international management consultancies.

Benjamin is banker and studied economics at the universities of Frankfurt and Zurich. He coordinates the activities of the World Energy Council Switzerland.

How Benjamin is building a better working world

“Energy is the backbone of every economy. We support our customers in making the energy and raw material supply of the future economical, sustainable and secure. We thus also create the basis to advance social, economic and ecological developments together with our clients.

In this way, we would like to show as yet unknown possibilities and implement progressive ideas together.”

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