Photographic portrait of Benjamin Teufel
It is not just about having an economic strategy that works from a sustainability perspective; it’s about having a sustainability strategy that works from an economic perspective.

Benjamin Teufel

Partner, Head of EY Sustainability | EY Switzerland

Accompanies the transformation of businesses to more sustainable models. Meets current challenges with a positive attitude and focus on solutions.

Benjamin leads EY Sustainability in Switzerland. As a long-serving strategy consultant, he supports corporates in getting an understanding of ESG opportunities, developing ambitions and targets, preparing and implementing measures, measuring impacts and reporting on achievements.

Benjamin is a banker and studied Economics at the University of Frankfurt and University of Zurich.

How Benjamin is building a better working world

“I believe that sustainability should be at the core of any business. My mission is all about helping our clients making a sustainable impact and accelerating their decarbonization journey. This is how I help protect and create value for all stakeholders, help businesses reframe their future, turn sustainability challenges into opportunities and contribute to building a better working world.”

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