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While there are many factors currently disrupting the world of work, these disruptors can also be viewed as opportunities to help re-shape “work” as we know it.

Developing a strategy that can respond to these opportunities with speed and agility is crucial to being at the forefront of change in the future of work.

This reshaping applies as much to the world of mobility as it does to total rewards and other areas of work. At EY we recognize the need for transformative change in supporting organizations and their employees.

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Integrated workforce mobility and Total rewards

Mobility for employees and their families creates truly life-changing experiences for them and helps drive great business results for the organizations that employ them.

Now is the time to think differently about mobility.

How can EY help you on this journey?

We support clients with every aspect of the Mobility Ecosystem and have summarized a few key components below.

  • Tax

    International taxes are complex in nature and getting it right will make sure that the right amount of tax is paid in the right location at the right time. From tax reporting and withholding to tax filings, we support our clients with managing the tax compliance aspects of their international moves. We also support clients in getting the right set up through tax planning, making moving across borders easier.

  • Immigration

    Immigration is the first step for individuals to enter and start working in another country, getting the right immigration strategy, plan and timeline in place and continually engaging with all parties through the process (individual, employer, relocation) are keys to a successful move.

    We help our clients with defining these strategies and driving the immigration process until the individual and their family arrives in the new country.

    From data gathering, preparing applications, supporting with authority appointments and renewals our teams are there to support every step of the way.

  • Social security

    Social security is often an overlooked but important part of international mobility. It is not just about aiding the company and the individuals in paying social security contributions in the right location, as this very much impacts an individual’s health coverage, social benefits, and retirement benefits.

    We help our clients in defining the right positions and planning for an international move, preparing and filing applications to support compliance and confirming that the right coverage and benefits are in place for the employee and their dependents.

  • Compensation and Payroll

    Tax Authorities are evolving the way they collect tax revenues and have invested heavily in their technology infrastructure to collect monies ealier and increase tax and social security compliance. Companies still experience operational challenges within international payroll, for example process inefficiencies, lack of governance, inconsistent mapping, fines and penalties, etc.

    We are experienced in supporting companies to simplify their processes through the use of technology, implemeting solutions that reduce user input, enhance compensation data flows with payrolls and other providers, and improve compliance.

  • Managed Services

    Increasingly, we find that managing mobile employees, multiple vendors, business partnering, ensuring compliance and an exceptional employee experience is complex, costly and subject to business fluctuation.

    To support our clients, we take care of their mobility operations and bring together in a seamless way all our services, all the vendors, and program management so that our clients can focus on what truly matters, their business and their people.

    Technology is a key part of delivering an outstanding mobility experience for all stakeholders, this is where our technology EY Mobility Pathway is a true differentiator as it brings together the program management and integration with our clients existing technology ecosystem.

  • Mobility Operations

    As organizations evolve so should an organization’s ability to deploy their workforce globally, this is where mobility operations that are fit for purpose can drive the organization’s performance and effectiveness.

    We help our clients assess their organization’s needs and how mobility operations can supportthe driving of business success. We work together to co-create the right strategy and operating model, looking holistically at the entire ecosystem.

    An important part of the mobility operations is the technology that underpins the operating model. We know there is no single solution that fits all organizations, as a result, we work with our clients to map out their technology ecosystem to get the most out of their existing technology and processes and find the right solution for each organization.

    A key component of effectively deploying a global workforce, is the employee experience which needs to be assessed as part of the strategy, operating model, and technology landscape. We work with clients, to map out their technology and vendor ecosystem to reduce touch points, simplify and maximize the sharing of information and a seamless experience across the entire assignment life cycle to support and enable these life changing experiences.

  • Remote Work & Business travel

    As humans, we are inherently social beings, balancing personal and family responsibility with our careers and aspirations. This means we often find ourselves living and working in different places.

    When this happens across borders, there are several risks and complexities which need to be proactively managed so that companies are compliant, in control of their risk exposure and fulfill their duty of care towards their employees.

    We help clients by assessing their risks, defining policies and processes and the use of existing data to seamlessly manage risk and where needed support with downstream services to enable compliance. To manage this at scale and enable organizations to focus on cases requiring attention only, our technology solution for both business travel and remote work consume data from various sources (HRIS, travel company, employees, etc.) to automatically assess, identify risks, and trigger approval/rejection based on company policy and legal thresholds.

  • Global Equity Advisory

    Multinational companies must effectively design, implement, communicate and administer equity-based compensation benefits for their worldwide employees. We support clients with each of these tasks and more.

    Countries typically have differing rules on paying employees in shares. These usually include legal requirements and tax rules. Shares are typically earned over a period of time, globally mobile employees who work internationally during that time will typically have tax liabilities in more than one country and the employer likely will have additional required tax withholding and reporting.

  • Total Rewards

    All industries are seeing unprecedented transformation, requiring new ways of attracting, engaging, and developing scarce talent and skills. It is harder to source, manage, motivate, and retain talent while maintaining or controlling costs. Greater options are available for talent and associated rewards. Total Rewards include financial rewards as well as experiential components that include talent programs, work environment, and wellbeing. An organization’s aggregate total reward package is often its single largest item of expenditure. Maximizing the return on investment from employees requires a clear understanding of how employees perceive and value reward.

    One way we help clients is by applying market research techniques to an organization’s total reward package to understand the value employees attribute to each reward component. We combine this insight with cost and drive alignment with an organization’s reward framework and organizational objectives. This quantitative approach leads to increasing return on reward spend without escalating actual costs.

    As companies look to compare compensation and benefits programs, whether for due diligence in a transaction, benefit integration/harmonization or benchmarking projects – accurate comprehensive comparison, analysis and evaluation of the programs is key to the success.

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