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Not everything that others do is right for your own company. What is right is what fits your company best, is tailored to your company’s needs and strategy.

Urs A. Klingler

Partner – People Advisory Services (PAS) Zurich | Switzerland

Urs is in the Rewards Team of People Advisory Services in Zurich and founder of Klingler Consultants AG which was integrated to EY in May 2023 to successfully enlarge the EY offering in PAS.

Urs is expanding services in the EY global network and launching agile compensation systems, effective incentives, pay equity, function and competency based pay, benchmark subscriptions and salary surveys.

After professional positions at national and international insurance companies and one of the global "Big 4", he founded his own company, created the CAS “Compensation & Benefits Management”, held lectures on total compensation, personnel controlling, and strategy of personnel functions at various universities. He is the author of numerous renowned publications, has a Federal Diploma in Pedagogy of the University of Bern, and studied Human Resources at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

How Urs is building a better working world

It is the employees who create the value and success of a company. Companies therefore need to strive for a fair and equitable salary system that serves as a basis for the motivation and loyalty of all employees to the company and is in line with the company's central goals. Urs offers specific consulting in this field and has developed several tools to analyze and introduce pay equity in companies of various sectors. He is a well-known pioneer in the implementation of pay equity in Switzerland and has strongly promoted it.

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