Portrait photo of Radmilla Del Pozzo
Equity-based compensation aligns employee incentives with company success, driving both individual and organizational growth.

Radmilla Del Pozzo

Partner, People Advisory Services | EY Switzerland

I began my career at EY as an intern during my studies which sparked my interest in equity. Originally from Russia, I am now based in Geneva where I enjoy exploring new destinations with my family.

Radmilla, an accomplished leader in Global Equity, spearheads PAS' dynamic offering in that area, crafting comprehensive solutions for clients in equity-based compensation. With expertise in Global Mobility and Swiss personal tax planning, she brings our clients real end-to-end solutions around tax/equity related Global Workforce Management topics.

Radmilla holds an LLM in Business law from the universities of Geneva and Lausanne.

How Radmilla is building a better working world?

In each interaction and engagement I have with clients and colleagues, I try to be relevant and to bring additional value ensuring to question the adequacy of the solutions proposed. To address these points, I strive to spend time with my stakeholders to understand their agenda and priorities to be able to meet their expectations aligning concrete actions to their needs.

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